Diaspora released!

It's been a little more than a month since our first "community release" ( of Diaspora*. With two hotfix releases in the meantime, and now that the community is more involved in the development and decision making processes, we managed to get quite a few things done. This means we recently finished our list of self-imposed goals for the next version and thus I am proud to announce the immediate availability of Diaspora

Some of the more notable improvements include:

  • refinement of the user login and session handling code -
    a problem with remembering the login across sessions was fixed
  • the supporting scripts for CI, semi-automated dev installations and running a stand-alone app server were polished and should now be even more portable and reliable
  • cross-posting to Facebook was behaving oddly, but not anymore. Also, we're now stripping the cross-posts of any Markdown formatting, except for when you post to Tumblr (because Tumblr supports Markdown).
  • the regular expression used for pre-processing links for Markdown got revamped, due to the fact that the old one would sometimes make WebKit-based browsers freeze...
  • notifications for private messages will be created more dependably, but during the work on the fix it was unearthed that some serious refactoring is in order for that area...

You can acquire the new version, as usual, from the tag section on Github or by updating your git clone from the master branch.

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